Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) of The Appcelerator Platform

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16 › Prototype 2 - IT Service Mgmt. Incident App: Consolidate system alerts for the CIO. Impact to service is a critical issue for the CIO and it is monitored constantly. Being able to deliver timely communications through a consistent channel is key to incident resolution. So the team developed "Incident App" that immediately alerts IT management to a service impact by allowing incident managers to subscribe to it, log errors, and receive push notifications about updates on error status. The incident managers can follow a conversation around a particular service issue and receive those updates through a single channel. Said Chris, "The app was incredibly well-received, has become an integral part of the Incident Management framework and was a key driver behind making an investment in the Appcelerator Platform." "The Appcelerator Platform has made the ability to deliver the apps much quicker and cheaper …we see the MBaaS solution as part of our strategic architecture going forward." ~ Chris Edwards, IT Manager, Digital Development, Virgin Money Virgin Money expects to continue to develop internal apps in the next year with a relatively small team of developers who will be responsible for both development and testing. Key Benefits Experienced by Virgin Money Implementing the Appcelerator Platform: • Speed of prototyping and development. The ability to develop fully native apps quickly (including testing) and iterate on those apps every two weeks is a key reason Virgin Money invested in the Appcelerator Platform. They have a mobile app board that reviews suggestions for new apps or updates to existing apps. The team views the Analytics portion of the platform as key to their "test and learn" strategy for rapid app development. They plan to put analytical "hooks" into all of their apps to understand how they're being used and improve their performance. • Availability of existing code and APIs. The login and geo-location functionalities are just a couple examples of how the easy reuse of code and the library of APIs will play a key role in Virgin Money's expanded use of the Appcelerator Platform. In addition to integrating with their content management and management information systems, Appcelerator offers pre-built connectors to enterprise data sources and public data sources that enable fast integration with popular applications, including SAP, Oracle,, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics. • Security of the virtual private cloud. The Enterprise MBaaS portion of the Appcelerator Platform is available via highly secure and scalable public, virtual private, or private deployment options. Virgin Money will evaluate the move from a public multi-tenant environment to a dedicated virtual private cloud as they accelerate app development. Now that the Virgin Money team has licensed and trained on the Appcelerator Platform, they expect to track the bottom-line savings that result from delivering apps through it. Being able to develop, deliver and support mobile apps with a small team of JavaScript developers will undoubtedly prove the business case all over again for them. The efficiencies gained in terms of business productivity, the independence from having to rely on infrastructure resources, as well as not having to rely on a third party for app delivery will enable Virgin Money to achieve its goal of becoming a self-funded team.

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